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About Terra Firma's commitment to service:

I developed my practice with the belief that therapy can help individuals improve their daily experience from the first session. Clients can leave their first visit with effective strategies and tools to provide relief while they are preparing to work on the issues that have brought them to me.

The therapeutic relationship is a genuine and powerful element in providing professional support services. I engage the client where they are in their story and develop a strong alliance. In this relationship, both clinician and client engage in the treatment process to make effective and sustainable change. 

Sometimes our work together is about healing, sometimes it is about building resiliency or reaching life goals. What I so often see when I first meet people is the difficulty of an individual or family system adjusting to major life transitions and overwhelming events. Even desired changes can have a way of overwhelming us and creating crises we didn't anticipate. 

Terra Firma Provides Teletherapy sessions to make taking care of your needs easier. Whether it is that you are short on time, live far from the office, or have childcare or transportation barriers, Teletherapy offers access to supports and services that previously were not available. 

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