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Rosanne Wild, LCSW I am Rosanne Wild. I have 20yrs of experience as a psychotherapist, treating children, adults and families for a diversity of issues. I have an additional 5 years of experience with trauma, traumatic loss, abuse and domestic violence. After all this time I continue to feel passionate about providing therapy and supports to the clients I serve. I continue to pursue skills and training that will help me provide the best care and information so that my clients can make and sustain the changes they need to live life better. 

In my efforts to provide the best treatments possible, I utilize skills and strategies from various therapeutic approaches and draw on elements of coaching. My work with clients is essentially a partnership of equals. In developing treatments I also focus and build on individual strengths and improve their resiliency and belief that they are able to create the life they want.

I offer in-person as well as video-therapy sessions. Whereas many therapists conform to 45 minutes, I offer hour long sessions. I find that this helps develop the therapeutic relationship and allows more space for the work we need to do together and be mindful of that process.

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